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Design services

Design services

Our company offers a full range of services for the design of metal structures, reinforced concrete structures, as well as the calculation of load-bearing structures from metal thin-walled profiles of any section.
You can order from us as a separate set of the required stage of the project documentation and all sections of the project. The development of project documentation is currently carried out in several languages: English, Netherlands.
To complete an application for design, you must send us all the initial information by mail or transfer it in person at the office.

The main types of designed documentation

Additional design application data

Estimation of the cost of design services

The following factors are taken into account when evaluating a
When providing initial data for estimating the cost of design services, you must attach files to the application in all formats you have. Special attention to 3D formats, since by providing a 3D model of the initial data this can significantly affect the timing of the development of project documentation and hence reduce the cost of the project.
After assessing the cost of design services, subject to the agreement of both parties with the timing and cost of design, you need to provide the details of your company to draw up and agree on the contract, as well as issue an invoice for prepayment.

Design stages

1) Drawing up a design assignment.
2) Assessment.
3) Signing a contract for design services.
4) Drawing a 3D model.
5) Coordination of the issues that have arisen on the project.
6) Approval of the 3D model.
7) Obtaining drawings.
8) Issuance of general arrangement (during the development of detailed drawings). 

Why order design services from us

The project is issued in any form convenient for the customer. The more common and frequently used formats for issuing a project are the following formats:
When issuing a project in PDF format, it is possible to combine all drawings into one multi-page file or split into several files according to formats for the convenience of printing documentation.
The issuance of project documentation can be carried out in stages, taking into account the proposed and agreed plan for the project issuance schedule.
This approach allows you to significantly reduce the time for starting the production and installation of metal structures.
Wind loads are set taking into account the direction of blowing for symmetrical buildings from 2 sides, for asymmetric buildings from 4 sides. Next, it is necessary to take into account the pulsation component of the wind load. The method of calculating the pulsation component (static or dynamic) depends on the natural vibration frequency of the building.

Examples of projects

The main types of designed documentation

Additional design application data (Design stages)

Calculation together with soils

The customer provides geological surveys indicating the numbers of wells and the characteristics of soils and their depths. Next, engineers reconstruct a 3D soil map with volumetric elements in Robot Structural Analysis Professional.
After that, this soil model is connected to the calculation. At the first stage, the building is tied to a given soil according to the general plan. The design model will take into account the work of the foundation together with the soils. At this stage, the design model receives the bedding coefficients, or the bearing capacity of the piles is determined.
After that, the necessary adjustments are made to the foundations, the piles are adjusted and unified. At this stage, engineers see all piles and soils in a 3D model and can make design decisions based on the data obtained.

Analysis of 1-2 limit states

The analysis presupposes an assessment of the work of the structure for the first and second limiting standing The percentage of sections used is determined. At this stage, the resulting structural scheme is analyzed and sections are selected. The load-bearing capacity of the sections and the allowable deflections for the normal operation of the structure are assessed.

Calculation of building structures Modeling

3D model of the structure is being developed in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional, Tekla tructures. This model was created in Tekla Structures and then imported via a link from Robot Structural Analysis Professional.
The software package Robot Structural Analysis Professional is used to apply the load to the areas and distribute it to the beams, taking into account the cargo areas. The directions of the local axes of the elements are viewed.
Hinges and supports are defined. When transferring from Tekla Sturctures, stiffnesses and materials are automatically transferred. The circuit is packed and checked for geometric variability. It is checked whether all the stiffness of the rods were transferred
correctly, edits. Additional characteristics of the sections are set.

Setting loads

At the first stage, a list of required loads is formed. Self-weight loads are generated automatically and do not need to be calculated. To make it easier to define the distributed load on the beams (for example, payload or grating load), an imported unit load is used. This loading is copied with the required ratio. To set the wind load, it is required to calculate the pressure on the building in different zones and elevations according to the US Code ACI.
After calculating the pressures, it is necessary to go to the distributed load per linear meter of columns. To calculate the load, the load area, the zone and the column height are taken into account.
The analysis takes place in several stages. As a result, the engineer can decide to make changes to the structure: add or remove links, change the geometry of the supporting structures, make changes to the foundations, expand the sections of elements.
If necessary, the engineer can change the materials of the structures. At this stage, the engineer can analyze the vibration modes of structures and make preliminary changes to the design model so that the sum of the effective modal masses taken into account in the calculation is at least 90% of the total mass of the system.

Steel structures detailing

You may place an order on disigning Steel Structures Detailing project. In case you want to receive price evaluation of Steel Structures Detailing design project, you should send us the initial data including Steel Structure Basic Design.
Price evaluation of your project is free. It depends on how deeply the initial data is elaborated. Our specialists are aimed to develop the Steel Structures Detailing design in short-time.
Steel Structures Detailing includes drawings of each part of a structure as well as assembly drawings with full Bills of materials. The quality of Steel Structures Detailing is an essential part of further installation of a steel structure. Therefore, our specialists are highly trained experts at steel structures detailing design.
The price for steel structures detailing on complexity. We need to process the initial data in order to evaluate the complexity. It takes nearly two hours to estimate the complexity and therefore the price of steel structures detailing design.

Terms of develepment

The amount of time for each steel-structures detailing design project is individual for each project. Several factors such as complexity, project scale and others are to be considered in order to estimate the amount of time for each project. The final time period for each project can be framed after receiving and processing the initial documentation. It is possible to divide designing process into several steps.
This helps to submit the design documentation step by step and start manufacturing parts and installation process without waiting for the whole project to be finished.The conditions of the stepwise order are to be discussed beforehand. Also, discussion of any modification pace may affect Steel Structures
Detailing design time-frame. If questions linked to the initial data and Basic Steel Design are occurred, these que stions are to be listed and sent to Basic Steel Design developers.

Steel structural detailing drawings:

Structural joints are displayed properly in Steel Basic Design project usually. However, sometimes it is needed to add new parts in joints or whole joints.
Normally, joints are combined by type, excluding unique projects which demand the detailed depiction of each joint. Also joint drawings can be placed on assembly sheets

Technologies we use

Our benefits

The steel structures detailing design can be submitted as