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Kiev based Scaffolding Engineers with years of experience in Dutch market

Design services

Since 2015 we are supporting Arbor in Eindhoven with our team of experienced scaffolding engineers. We do this from Kiev, Ukraine, where we can find the right people with the right education and the right mindset. We The time difference with Western Europe is 1 hour only. We are always looking for new talent to strengthen our team in Kiev. If you see that your engineering team can’t handle the work anymore, we can help you and link one of our English speaking scaffolding engineers to your team.

Commercial Viability

A structure that is overly complicated, time consuming to plan and erect or ineffi
cient with materials will not be a commercially viable solution, and that won’t work for anyone. Solving a complex problem with a simple, straightforward and cost-effective solution, is a skill we value.

Safety through Design

Safety through well-conceived design, that is inherently safe; eliminating hazards and mitigating risk. Scaffold Design drawings typically created in 2D or 3D detailing as necessary. They are produced to European standards to ensure that they are clear and accurate.
In line with our purpose to “drive the evolution of scaffolding”, we are continuously looking at ways we can improve the quality of our design drawings, we are continuously reviewing our in-house technical drawing standard and invest significantly in this every year. Everyone in our design team produces design drawings inline with our standard, this ensures uniformity and clarity, and maintains quality control.
We are currently working in:

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The design drawings

Our team believe that the design drawing has one primary function: to leave the scaffolder in no doubt as to what they should build on site. The design drawings we produce are for scaffolders first and foremost. The regulations require that we, the designer, have the responsibility to communicate our design requirements to everyone in the project chain successfully, and our scaffold design drawings are our primary communication tool.

Design services

This is one of the reasons that we believe anyone involved with or responsible for the scaffold, be it a scaffolder, charge hand, supervisor, manager, engineer, inspector must always have access to the correct size of drawing.
Our design drawings are created using the latest Autodesk products in a range of sizes to suit the design from A0, A1.

Design services

Scaffolding design is professional civil/structural engineering design and delivered to the same exacting standards, diligence and duty of care.


The cornerstone of any great scaffold design; you must be able to build it quickly and safely.